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6 tips to help you choose a safe pencil

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Pencils are the most common school supplies, and preschoolers and elementary school students use them every day, but parents rarely know the safety of pencils.When they buy pencils for their children, the main consideration is the shape, color and price of the pencils. They often overlook the safety of the pencils. 

eco wood pencil

The harm of inferior pencil

If the pencil is not safe enough, it will bring great harm to the child's health. The harmful substances of pencils exist in the lead core, paint, adhesive and other parts. After long-term contact with the inferior pencil, the metal lead, mercury, arsenic and other harmful metal elements contained in the pencil may be brought into people.When the harmful metal elements reach a certain amount, they are extremely harmful to the human body. For example, lead can damage the human nerves, hematopoiesis and reproductive system of children and adolescents. It hinders the growth and intellectual development of children. Heavy metals in pencils also damage children's organs. So, choose a safe for your children is essential.

eco wood pencil

How to choose the safe pencil

The first step is to "observe". When we choose a pencil, we should first check whether the trademark, origin certificate and the package are completely. Then check whether the pen of the pencil is straight, whether the lead is in the middle of the pen and the diameter of the lead. The diameter of the lead of the normal writing pencil is generally 2.2mm, and the inferior pencil is only 1.7 or 1.8mm. In addition, observing the color of the pencil, the white wood of the pencil may be bleached, and if the wood is too red, it is highly likely that a stain is added. Such pencils are more toxic. Parents can give priority to log pencils, which have natural lines and do not contain bleach and stains that are harmful to humans.

eco wood pencil

The second step is “touching”. By touching the pencil, you can feel whether the pen body is smooth,without hairiness and check the hardness of the pen body.

The third step is to “smell”. You can feel the smell of wood, whether the taste of the pencil is pungent, whether there is paint smell, etc. We better choose eco wood pencil.

The fourth step is “writing”. The child can write with a pencil and feel the smoothness of its writing.

The fifth step is “sharpening”. Use a pencil sharpener to check whether the pencil is easy to be rolled. Check the stickiness of the pencil shavings. The high quality pencil lead ink should be connected to the pen wood.

eco wood pencil

The sixth and most important point, the “Certificate”, focuses on the inspection standards passed by the pencil manufacturer, including production standards and safe use standards. We prefer to choose brand pencils that meet international standards.Nowadays, many ecological wooden mechanical pencils on the market have been tested and it is worthy of choice and trust.

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eco wood pencil

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