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A small pencil with a big force of environmental protection?

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Compared to environmentally friendly wood pencils,most of the traditional wooden pencils are made of high quality cedar, and the world produces about 15 billion pencils a year, which consumes a lot of wood, which also leads to a year-old reduction in wood production. So, how can the pencil industry achieve environmentally and sustainable development? Today, we introduce two pencils that bring the concept of green, environmental protection and sustainability to the extreme.



This is a eco pencil that can be grown

Three students from MIT were shocked by the fact that “there are billions of pencils or broken pens thrown into trash cans every year in the world.” In order to reduce this unnecessary waste, they came up with a wonderful note: Can be planted pencil!

eco wood pencils

This green, brilliant invention was stared at by Michael Stausholm, who works on sustainable research in Denmark. He believes that “sustainability is difficult to explain to consumers,” and that “can be planted with a pencil” is a perfect interpretation of what is sustainable.


When the writing portion of the natural wood pencils are worn-down, you simply put the “eraser-end” (which is actually a seed capsule) in a pot with soil. Eventually, after enough water and sunlight, a plant will sprout. The sprout pencils come with a variety of seeds, including sunflower, mint, lavender, cherry tomato, sweet pea, and wild strawberry.


The custom wood pencils are made of sustainably sourced cedar wood, with the pigmented core made of a mixture of clay and graphite. The seed pod is also made of cellulose, meaning the whole pencil is non-toxic and safe for kids to use. To curb their carbon emissions, the company source all their materials locally, with two different production models for their two main markets, Europe and North America.


Just a few years on and more than 450,000 pencils are sold a month to more than 60 different countries, according to their site. The company has also attracted a large amount of patrons to switch out – at least temporarily – their ballpoint pens, including Ikea, Bank of America, the World Wildlife Fund, TedX, and even the Vatican.

eco wood pencils

“One of the major strengths of Sprout pencils is their capacity to pull such a complex issue as sustainability down to earth,” Michael Stausholm, founder of Sprout World, said in a statement.



This is a eco pencil that is 100% Sustainable

A girl from Croatia called Mateja Kuhar has taken this green, sustainable concept to the limit.


The attentive girl was inspired by her grandmother to feed the remaining coffee grounds and tea leaves. Can she use tea leaves, coffee grounds and withered petals as raw materials instead of wood? After compressing these three raw materials, Mateja Kuhar found this idea completely feasible.

The magic of this wooden lead pencil is not only to replace the wood with waste residue, but also the small wooden pencil scrap can be used as a fertilizer for fertile soil, which is 100% green sustainable from start to finish. Therefore, Mateja won the world's largest design competition A' Design Award.


eco wood pencils

At the very least, these two pencils make us realize that the things around us are reusable and sustainable.

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