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Bio-on Collaborates On Sustainable Food Packaging

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Amongst the flurry of news from Bio-on at the end of the 2018 came the announcement that the company had entered a strategic agreement to develop sustainable single-use food packaging materials with fresh produce specialist Rivoira.

In response to burgeoning demand for new eco-sustainable packaging materials, biotechnology company Bio-on and Rivoira, one of the world's leading suppliers of fresh produce, have announced the creation of ZEROPACK S.p.A., founded by Bio-on and in which Rivoira holds a 50% stake.

ZEROPACK will produce films, crates, small and large containers, fruit supports and completely natural labels from 100% natural and biodegradable bioplastic. To accelerate the development of these solutions and quickly gain a leading position in this rapidly growing sector, ZEROPACK has acquired from Bio-on an exclusive license to exploit the technology for 10 million euros.

The technology is based on the research activities that Bio-on researchers have been conducting for 4 years in this field of application in Italian and US laboratories.

"The investment announced today represents to us the entrance of a large company - explains Marco Astorri, President and CEO of Bio-on - and we are particularly proud that a prestigious group like Rivoira, through Marco Rivoira and Gualtiero Rivoira, recognise the innovation and the potentiality of the new technologies developed by Bio-on in the field of food packaging. The basis of our bioplastic has all the qualities to revolutionize the world of food packaging through ZEROPACK. This is what people are asking for and we will do it together with ZEROPACK and the Rivoira group". 

sustainable single-use food packaging

Moreover, thanks to the diversification of the Rivoira group, Zeropack will have the possibility to use Bio-on technology also in the mineral water field. The Rivoira group controls Fonti Alta Valle Po spa, owner of Acqua Eva, a young company with a very strong expansion in the national and international market.

"We are happy to enter the world of packaging for the future - explains Marco Rivoira, Ceo Gruppo Rivoira - and in particular to contribute with our experience and daily production quality to the creation of completely different products compared to those we can find on the market today. ZEROPACK anticipates the strategies of the Rivoira Group, always looking for innovations. The mission is to provide total quality of both product and packaging. To study materials to revolutionize this sector, starting from nature and naturally, will allow the giants of distribution to have a 100% sustainable alternative".

Rivoira completed the acquisition of 50% of ZEROPACK S.p.A through RK Zero Srl with Carlo Lingua and Paolo Carissimo as partners. Following the transaction, Bio-on and RK zero will each hold a 50.00% share in the company. Bio-on has granted ZEROPACK an exclusive license for the direct and indirect exploitation of technology for this specific sector for a total amount of 10 million euros. From 2019, ZEROPACK will present new patents and will begin various collaborations with distributors and producers worldwide. 



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