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DIY with Environmentally Friendly Wood Pencil Shavings

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Pencil sharpening is a trivial matter, but we can’t forget that though it is such a trivial matter, many students would treat it with incomparably serious attitude. First of all, you must have a sharp pencil sharpener and a good quality eco small wooden pencil, otherwise you will only cut out the finely broken pencil shavings. Then, when you turn the small wooden pencil, you will slowly and carefully take it. Finally, you will compare the pencil shavings with that of your deskmate to find out whose pencil shavings have a longer and better look. wooden personalized pencil scraps which are long enough and full enough look like the petals of flowers, so we sometimes call pencil shavings as pencil flowers.

eco wood pencil

When cleaning the pencil sharpener, the accumulated pencil scraps are normally directly thrown away, but today we finally find a way to make it better utilization, that is eco wood pencil shavings DIY. This DIY tutorial teaches you how to combine eco wood pen shavings and hemp ropes to create a beautiful DIY collage. If you want to put a different beautiful picture in the photo frame, you can try it yourself.

eco wood pencil

The practice of hand-made pencil shavings collage requires the use of hemp rope, waste paperboard, black cloth, hot melt glue gun, white glue, scissors, beads, pencils. Use the large pieces of wooden colour pencil shavings that are usually poured out from the pencil sharpener for waste utilization. Next let’s learn how to do a good-looking DIY decorative picture.

1. Cut a piece of cardboard, smear glue and wrap the black cloth on the surface.

2. Flip to the front of the backboard. After drafting the draft with a natural wood pencils, tear one end of the hemp rope into the loose fiber, and stick it on the blackboard with the white glue along the mark of the draft.

3. Adjust the position of the hemp rope (fiber) so that it is sticky to the shape of a big tree.

4. Pour the wooden lead pencils scraps out of the pencil sharpener, stick them between the branches of the tree, as leaves.

5. Knead the waste paper into a small ball, and smear the glue on the surface of the paper ball to wrap the hemp rope.

6. Cover a black bead on the surface of the ball, and then add the hemp rope and adjust the shape to make it look like a nightingale (owl).

Stick the nightingales to the branches, the handmade DIY decorative picture is finished.

There are a lot of creative ideas in life, we don't need to make big moves to change our life, just a little creativity, we can make our life more exciting and beautiful. Using pencil scraps with creative collages and some simple lines, you can make a vivid, beautiful and interesting collage. Therefore, use your creativity to make your life and fashion more perfect.



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