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Do You Know How to DIY Glue?

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Introduction: This article mainly describes how to do DIY glue by yourself and some precautions for using glue.


Glue is an intermediate that connects two materials. It is mostly used as a water agent. It belongs to fine chemicals and has a wide variety. It is mainly classified by adhesive, physical form, hardening method and material to be bonded. Natural resin glue is a viscous liquid substance that we use to make interesting projects and fix things we shouldn't destroy. The surface of each object has dents and gaps, and the glue penetrates and settles. When exposed to air, this liquid hardens to form a solid, firmly adhering to both objects. Do you know how to make all natural glue yourself?

Toothpaste, soda powder and detergent

natural glue

Let's prepare a small, discarded container and then squeeze in some toothpaste into it. Why use toothpaste? This is because the ingredients of the toothpaste contain active agents, which makes it extremely viscous. Then we add a small spoon of soda powder to the container. Finally, we added a few pumps of detergent to the container and quickly stirred the mixture with a stick.

After doing these steps, the homemade eco friendly wood glue is complete. You can use it to test the effect of sticking shoes. Apply glue to the opening of the shoe, then let it rest for one night. After 12 hours, the problem of opening the shoes will be solved smoothly. Is it amazing?It can also quickly stick the paper, apply it directly, and it will be perfectly glued after standing for a few minutes. It is very practical and convenient.

Starch and water

natural glue

Also prepare a small container, add a few spoonfuls of starch to it, then pour the appropriate amount of boiling water, and quickly stir them evenly with the stick so that the viscosity is fully volatilized. Note that you can't get off the dough, so the effect will be much worse.

Precautions for using glue

1. If in winter, the room temperature is relatively low, the air humidity is small, and the surface paper after the glue is cooled faster, so the temperature of the strongest natural glue can be higher.

2. The paper after the glue is not sticky at first, but it sticks if it stays for a few seconds or tens of seconds.Mastering the bonding time after the glue is the key to maintaining the best viscosity in the best time period.

3. The natural wood glue is not more and more glued, which depends on the paper and paperboard to determine the reasonable amount of glue.

4. Make your own glue to master the proportion of each raw material, avoid too much or too little, you can follow the instructions or professional guidance.

natural glue

Doing your own natural glue from trees is more about adding fun and improving your hands-on ability. It is a happy thing to work with your friends or family to complete your own glue. If you encounter any problems related to glue, We are happy to answer your questions.



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