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Do You Know RPET?

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We've all seen it on backpacks, reusable shopping bags, leggings or T-shirts: "This product is made from recycled drink bottles!" You will find this kind of material, called For rePET, rPET to re-PETE on other items. Regardless of the name, the term describes materials made from recycled PET plastic.

Sounds good, but how it actually working? How to make a water bottle into a fabric (actually to wear)? Is this a sustainable process ? What are the advantages of buying a rPET product?

What is PET? 

Let's going to learn what is PET. This is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate (longer time). A polymer of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. Brief terms? PET is a plastic resin which is very common type. To produce original PET, producers extract natural gas and crude oil from the earth, then heat and process it to form a molten liquid. They sew this liquid into fibers to make polyester fabrics, or mold and solidify them into PET plastic containers.

rPET product

Where Does Sustainability Come in?

PET is considered to be a highly recyclable material. The used PET bottles can be washed, re-melted into plasma, and then made into new items. However, collecting clean, high quality plastic is really difficult! This means that very few PET bottles can re-cycle like food-grade bottles. Plastic bottles purchased each year less than half are used in recycling facilities. Only about 7% of the recycled products are reused.

Manufacturers may not be able to make all of the salvaged plastic into new ones all the time, but these other plastics may have found a new name, recycled polyester or rPET. This rPET(recyclable polyester fiber) can be used to make products of reusable food bags, leggings, backpacks and T-shirts !

rPET product

The Benifits of RPET

For beginners, PET is very easy to recycle. Typically, you can distinguish PET products by #1 recycling labels, and most recycling programs in Europe and North America accept them according to it. Our landfill already has enough plastic Rubbish. By recycling PET products like water bottles, we provide them with a second life!

Recycling plastics also helps reduce the amount of plastic garbage entering the landfill. Plastics in landfills is very hard to break down which may take thousands of years and may infiltrate toxic chemicals into the Earth. These chemicals can enter the groundwater reserves and endanger animals and humans.

Recycling not only gives a better choice than landfills, but also has the ability to dramatically reduce our resource extraction. More than 60% of the first production of PET is used to produce polyester textiles. By using already circulating PET, we can offset the amount of new PET that has to be created.

Energy is also an important part of this equation! Making plastic water bottles with 100% recyclable ingredients uses 75% less energy than using original water bottles. Although process these plastics into new forms still need some water and energy, the amount is much less than the plastics used for the first time. This means reducing resource extraction and protecting the natural landscape of oil and gas. This also means a reduction in carbon emissions during the new products creation. In the United States, the value of recycling ordinary plastics in one year is equivalent to reducing the energy savings of driving 360,000 vehicles.

For SGOP, Our Goal is to offer our customers green office products at affordable price but great value. We keep investing on new ideas and innovation on products development. Some of our products are patent protected which will bring you unique products based on exclusive contract. All of our experienced and enthusiastic sales team are willing to offer our great 7/24 service. 

The company's main products include:

oxo-biodegradable PP folder

* FSC certified Paper folder.

* Colabag: Recycled PET  (RPET) bottle fabric office bags.

Naturual Ingredients Glue Stick and liquid Glue.

Latex Free Natural Rubber band

Natural Wood Pencil without any lacquer. 

* MC Paper: Recycled Paper notebook from milk cartons. 

PVC Free Ring binders and file folder. 


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