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Do You Know The Paperworld

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"Paperworld" is one of the top trade exhibitions of the paper products and office supplies in the world. Every year, it attracts professionals from all over the world. Since the 1990s, the annual Paperworld has attracted a large number of exhibitors and spectators from all over the world. "Paperworld Frankfurt" provides the best service for stationery manufacturing companies around the world and the growing stationery shopping mall.




All the trends and industry innovations come together in one place at Paperworld. For major brand manufacturers or international newcomers, Paperworld, with its unique product diversity, is the most important industry meeting and source of inspiration for the wholesale and retail trade as well as for corporate buyers. At Paperworld, everything related to stationery, office supplies and writing instruments. it is divided into the two areas, Office and Stationery: Office covers commercial office supplies, whereas Stationery concerns paper and stationery products for private use.



The Paperworld 2019 will be hold at Exhibition Centre Frankfurt in Germany during 2019.01.26~2019.01.29. The top five global buyers this year are from Italy, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Spain. 70 % of the total audience is senior decision makers in the company, and the average stay time at the exhibition site is 2 days. The high quality of the audience and the world have once again consolidated the status of the exhibition as the most important trading place in the world festival ceremony community. A total of 1,636 exhibitors from 61 countries participated in the exhibition of office supplies and Christmas gifts. During this period, 284 German exhibitors and 1,352 exhibitors from other countries will arrived there. Since its establishment, the exhibition has become the most important exhibition for professional manufacturers such as office supplies and gifts to open up European shopping malls, especially German shopping malls, master professional information, understand the prevailing trends in world shopping malls, master the latest technologies, and sign contracts. The SGOP Company will attend Paperworld, our booth is #1.2D10A, welcome to communicate with us.






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