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Do You Know These Laptop Bag Brand

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In today's highly efficient society, the boundaries between work and life have become increasingly blurred, and handling all kinds of work in mobile environments such as airports, cars and so on has become a way of life. Laptop are playing an increasingly important role in this way of life. But how can you take and keep your Laptop when you go out? So we need choose a laptop bag. 


Founded in 1942, the world's leading supplier of car-carrying equipment, the world's largest manufacturer of roof boxes, has been working in the field of notebook computer inner galleries since 2010, in the production of protective cases for digital devices such as mobile phones and cameras. All have extremely high degree of professionalism and reputation. Thule bladder bag shock-proof, anti-fall, water-proof, scratch-proof excellent.

Thule laptop bag


The representative of the high-end brand in the field of computer protection covers is dedicated to building a more protective bag for Apple computers and suitable for other computers of the same size. Incase was founded in California in 1997 and is well known in the industry. Is a brand specializing in the production of Apple peripheral products, the main line of superior simplicity. The most prominent features of the Incase bag is light and thin, it uses high quality nylon material and EVA foam cotton material, excellent shock absorption ability, Advanced Tensaerlite technology also helps reduce shocks and is more resilient than Amazon products.

Incase laptop bag


International famous luggage brand, IATA Global Aviation Association, the only registered certified luggage manufacturer, founded in 1910, has a high profile in Europe and America. Samsonite computer has a very diverse style, full of quality design, 11.6 inch black and white modern stripes of the interior bag with outstanding design sense, won the German Red Dot Design Award. This product uses the cover design, has the outstanding shockproof radiate function, the PU leather surface material appears to be stronger than the polyester material, extremely has the fashion feeling.

Samsonite laptop bag


Goodthinking comes from Their Company Strategy: Think Green, Design Green, and Make Green. Their laptop are made from either recycled material, biodegradable material, or sustainable resources. They search raw materials all over the world to develop new products every year. They work with the designers from USA, Holand, Germany and China to develop new products every year, and present to their customers. The company believe that them will be able to make a difference on environment protection by introducing their Eco-Friendly office and stationery items to customers and end-users and help to minimize the carbon footprint. 

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