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Eco wooden pencil---environmental booster

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A pencil is a common type of pen for writing and drawing. It has been around for more than 400 years. In 1812, a carpenter named William Monroe invented a machine that cuts a standard 5 to 18 cm long strip of wood and then dug a hole in the middle of the strip that fits the pencil lead. He put the pencil lead into the groove, and then tightened and glued the two wooden strips, which made the first modern pencil. Until now, this is still the standard process for making a regular pen.

eco wood pencil

As early as the 1980s, China began to independently design and produce environmentally friendly pencils, and exported 200 million eco wooden pencils each year. If China produces more than 6 billion pencils a year, it will use more than 200,000 cubic meters of high quality eucalyptus every year. If you use old newspapers or recycled paper to make pens, each ton of old newspapers can reach 5 cubic meters of eucalyptus, and the production of 6 billion pencils requires only 40,000 tons of waste paper. In order to protect the environment, the government vigorously promotes environmentally friendly pencils. At present, the market's main force is an environmentally friendly pencil made from fast-growing forests.

eco wood pencil

Why does the market choose eco wood pencils?

In general, environmentally friendly pencils have three attributes: renewable materials, environmentally friendly production processes, and international safety certification.

Raw materials can be recycled

The process of making environmentally friendly pencils is simple and effective. The manufacturer collects waste paper from all parties, then isolates it according to color, shape and texture, and then cleans it. Cut the paper into different sizes according to the pencil design. Use a sustainable and clean adhesive to hold the paper tightly around the graphite and dry the pencil. Protect the environment by using sustainable or recyclable materials.

eco wood pencil

Production process eco-friendly

Original wood pencils consume a large amount wood, and in the production process, it requires nearly 20 process steps, and the labor cost is relatively high; while the eco friendly pencils have relatively few production processes, the raw material is special environmentally friendly materials. This saves a lot of material and labor costs. At the same time, the process reduces the pencil defective rate, and the second stroke can be reworked, which realizes the recycling of raw materials.

International safety certification

Compared with ordinary pencils, eco wooden pencils require more certification, and high-quality environmentally-friendly pencils have passed the tests to obtain corresponding certificate reports. Environmentally-friendly pencils are popular in foreign environmentally-conscious areas because of their very significant environmental protection functions.

In addition, the eco wooden pencil is soft and helps the child to grip better, and also helps to extend the life of the pencil sharpener.

eco wood pencil

Whether you are a buyer, a wholesaler or a pencil enthusiast, resources are an important material basis for human survival and development. The environment not only limits the development of human beings, but also governs the quality of human life.Let’s take action and make subtle changes, we can start with small things in life, such as choosing environmentally friendly products, ecological wooden pencils and bags. Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility.

eco wood pencil

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