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Eight Ideas That You'd Never Dream Of Turning Waste Into Treasure

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Everyone has a different definition of waste. Waste may become precious art works to another person. So, I collect eight unexpected ideas which turn waste into treasure, Have a look, perhaps your inspiration can be stimulated and create your own interesting items. Hope to be useful to you all !!!


Disposable plastic water cups are cheap and plentiful. We use them all the time. However, after using, we always throw them into the trash bin. An art student has put it all together to make this creative plastic water glass lamp. You can try it, too.

Disposable plastic water cups


We have known the method to turn the plastic cups into a lamp. What about wine bottles? Take a look at this arenaceous bottle lamp. Process the exterior bottles to be arenaceous (otherwise, they will be too pervious to light). Insert the bulb next, and place the mouth of bottle with glue to hold the line. After the electricity is supplied, the lights will on.

wine bottles


Is this antique lamp of high value? - antiques? Take a closer look. These are kitchen garbage...

kitchen garbage


It is amazing! Two bicycle wheels are turned into a chandelier.

bicycle wheels


Who turns the bathtub into a sofa... Well, it's a lot easier to “take a bath” with your girlfriend or boyfriend. What used in the graph is a old-fashioned cast-iron bathtub. It can be more difficult to handle a bathtub of pottery and porcelain, but the effect should also be much better.



Cassettes have entertained us for a long time, but since the days of the CD appeared, most of them were thrown in the trash or under the bed. Why not make a screen or wall decoration? From the pictures, the visuals are far more gorgeous, and on the plus side, it takes very little money to collect cassettes, which are pretty useless for most people.



It does use a large amount of cassettes to create a screen or wall decoration. Then make it a lamp. See the figure above. Strip off card label and put together, then a desk lamp of 4 directions is born. 



A cola bottle is equal to a laptop bag? Good Thinking says Yea! Click the picture, then you can get this fabulous eco-friendly business bag.

laptop bag

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