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Five Desktop Storage Artifacts

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For business people, Work take up half of our daily life. We spend much time a day in our office. The office desk just like our battleground. To keep the desk tidy and clean is vital. But a lot of people can't find what they need right away in the desk area. Which means they're in an inefficient working environment.At the same time, it will also give a bad impression of sloth. Here are five desk storage artifacts to help you keep a clean and tidy working environment.

File Folding

Folders are designed to hold whole pages of files. The main purpose is to save the file and make it neatly standardized. There are many types of file folders: including single clips expanding files, double clips file folders, two-inch file folders, three-inch file folders, double-open a4 folders, single-page file folders,also known as L-type file folders, and multi-page file folders. The materials of  office file folders includes PP, PVC, cardboard, leather, and so on. 


Data Cable Storage

We use cell phone and other electrical equipment, so we always need to charge they, that always make many kinds of data cable put on the desk in a mess. These data cable are always hard to sort out because they are too  thin and too long so that they always trapped together. So we need a data cable storage to sort out the data cable. It’s easy to use.Just stick them to the wall or desk, and make the them through the hole then they will be fixed.


      Pen Container

       Put a pen container on your desk can help you sort out your pens or other small office supplies like paper clip. Small office supplies always hard to find when you want to use they. put them in the pen container not only make the desk look tidy but also make they easy to find.


       Storage Bin

Storage bin is mainly used to help people store different items, and classify them. For the small space like office desk is vital, it can not only make full use of the space to accommodate more office supplies, but also can decorate your working environment. 


Telescopic Drawer Partition

Telescopic drawer partition is used to put in the drawer to sort up office supplies. there are two kinds of telescopic drawer partition. One kind look like the plastic board, you should pieced them together and put into the drawer.  Another kind are box, the way to use is just put them into the drawer.










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