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Four Characteristics of PP(polypropylene) Material

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The PP is an abbreviation for polypropylene. It can withstand temperatures from -20℃ to 120℃ degrees and it is one of the most commonly used plastics for microwave ovens.


Some of the old-fashioned daily necessities slippers we use are made of PVC. They are very soft in summer and hard in winter. This has a lot to do with the temperature sensitivity of PVC. PVC decomposes into smoke at high temperatures. Ordinary daily necessities plastic bags are made of PE, and its toughness is better. PE is divided into HDPE (high density polyethylene) and LDPE (low density polyethylene). The density is different, which makes some of its properties quite different. PP material is a safer plastic in daily necessities plastics. It is used in general food packaging bags. Of course, PP has the grade, the food packaging must be food grade.


Such polymer materials can be modified by re-adding some other materials to make them superior in overall performance or in some aspects for special purposes, and of course the price after modification is sometimes greatly increased.

What are the characteristics of PP materials?

1. Physical Properties of PP Materials

PP material is a kind of plastic with the heaviest weight, which is nontoxic and colorless. From the physical properties, it is most easy to understand what PP is. Its shrinkage is relatively large, so the molded product lacks precision in size. However, the surface gloss of PP material products is good for coloring products.



2. Mechanical Properties of PP Material

The PP material belongs to high polymer, and its internal structure is stable, so the polypropylene material has a solid mechanical properties. In general, the strength of 30MPa can be maintained, which is much higher than that of polyethylene polymer.


3. Weather Resistance of PP Material

Weatherability refers to the durability of PP material to outdoor environment. It also means the bearing capacity of sunshine, climate and wind and rain. PP material is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, so its anti-aging performance is not good, but it can solve the problem through certain methods.


4. Thermal Properties of PP Material

As the name implies, thermal performance is the heat resistance of PP material. PP materials are soluble at high temperatures and have fluidity. But this high temperature is generally not achievable. Because the PP material has good heat resistance, the product made of polypropylene material will not produce the deformation in the boiling water.

Is PP material highly toxic?

Polypropylene plastic itself is non-toxic. PP plastic is generally used as raw materials for plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic films, etc. But PP plastics will add plastic pigments, plastic fillers, plasticizers and other minerals into the raw materials. And these chemical additives are highly toxic.



It is suggested that you should not use plastic if it is used for high temperature, because if it is used for high temperature, the plastic pigment, plastic filler, plasticizer and other chemical additives in plastic products will be dissolved, which may produce extremely toxic. The plastic cups or other plastic products need to be purchased at regular stores.



There are many different types of polyphylene oxides, such as Biodegradable PP, Oxo-Biodegradable PP, which can realize the biodegradation of eco-friendly materials. It can effectively solve the problem of white pollution caused by the consumption of plastics, and greatly reduce the CO2 emission when synthesizing new plastics.

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