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Four Computer Accessories For Your Laptop

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Nowadays, many people use laptop to work or study because they are small, light and can be taken to everywhere easily. You can take they to study and work in the café, home and even on the train. Many people have their laptop, but do you have those computer accessories for your laptop?


Mouse is used to help us to control our laptop easily. They are divided into wired mouse and wireless mouse. Generally speaking, wired mouse are used for the desktop computers, and the wireless mouse are used for laptop. The price are range from high to low, you can choose the most suitable one for you. The quality of mouse decide the sensibility that you control your computer.



Mouse pad

The mouse pad refers to the small mat used for the mouse. Its main function is to prevent the surface reflection and refraction of special materials such as glass from affecting the positioning of the mouse sensor, and to provide a plane for the mouse sensor system to calculate the moving vector. One kind mouse pad called 3D mouse pad, They have a hand hold to make the mouse more comfortable to use. The hand support part is generally higher than the mouse pad plane.

mouse pad

Keyboard protective film

The keyboard membrane uses TPU elastic materials made by fashion IT. TPU's smooth feel Silicon gel's bottom adsorption strength sets two major material advantages in a high-end keyboard film. The material used by the TPU as a keyboard membrane is more suitable in the early stages, but it also has insurmountable disadvantages such as: relatively brittle and easily broken, poor adhesion is not easy to fix, and so on.


Keyboard protective film

Laptop bag

Computer bags belong to the 3C digital accessories and package product category, and appear with the emergence of laptops. A suitcase used to hold notebooks and official documents. There are laptop bags and laptop sleeve. They are used to keep and protect the laptop. They usually have the function of shock absorption than the ordinary bags.


laptop bag

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