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Four Harmful Stationery For Children

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At present, in the children's stationery market, a lot of inferior stationery contain a large amount of benzene, children use benzene stationery for a long time, it is easy to cause benzene poisoning, therefore, parents must pay special attention to the choice of stationery for their children. In addition to benzene, some stationery also contains a large amount of lead, formaldehyde, heavy metals, plasticizers and other toxic substances, is not good for children's health.

Pencil toxic substance

The potential harm of lead: the harm of lead poisoning to the baby is mainly to affect the brain development, damage many functions of the nervous system, and this kind of damage also has irreversibility. If your baby has learning difficulties, ADHD, attention loss, and sudden decline in performance, then it is likely to be caused by lead poisoning. Some babies can not sit all day, always want to kick things, can not control themselves, may also be the precursor of lead poisoning.


Book (pirated book) toxic substances

Lead, hexavalent chromium potential harm: the China Society of Environmental Sciences commissioned Tsinghua University Environmental quality Inspection Center to do a solid material test report, Some pirated books are 100 times higher in lead content than other authentic books, and some pirated books have detected hexavalent chromium. High levels of lead damage the brain and central nervous system, causing coma, convulsions and even death, WHO research has found. Toxic substances: potential harm of fluorescent whitening agent: excessive intake of fluorescent brightener will harm children's eyesight, skin and so on, especially the pupils who are not mature and have relatively weak resistance. 


Aromatic eraser toxic substances

Plasticizer, formaldehyde, benzene potential harm: plasticizer not only affects the growth and development of the testicles of boys, resulting in boys "feminization", but also lead to girls "precocious." Formaldehyde irritates people's eyes, throat, chest, etc. Long-term inhalation can reduce immunity, and excessive inhalation can lead to leukemia or cancer. Benzene is recognized as a carcinogen. 


Correction of toxic substances

Benzene potential hazard: benzene is a carcinogen. Children inhaled or skin exposure to benzene, can cause acute and chronic benzene poisoning, may also appear central nervous system anesthesia; Benzene can also inhibit human hematopoietic function, make red blood cells, white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, the probability of aplastic anemia increased; long-term use of liver, kidney and other hazards.


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