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Rubber Band Materials

We usually use two materials to make rubber belts – Natural and Synthetic Rubber

Type Introduction

At present, there are countless kinds of rubber bands on the market, and the material of rubber bands can be divided into many kinds. The most common rubber bands are rubber, latex and silicone rubber bands.

1. Rubber rubber band is not standard in our country's international standard law. It is used in any industry and articles. Rubber rubber band also exists in daily necessities and even food. However, rubber itself is non-toxic, but the addition of excessive catalysts such as sulfur, talc powder, pigments, calcium carbonate and other substances after high temperature vulcanization molding, so this kind of material is difficult to ensure the safety of quality, after entering the market after high temperature or environmental reasons can cause health hazards at any time, serious headache, fatigue, physical discomfort and so on.

2. The relative safety of latex rubber band. Latex material has been improved. Rubber hydrocarbon accounts for only 20%-40% of the total. The components outside the treated rubber are white paper, lipid, sugar and inorganic substances. The moisture content is about 40%-70% and the ash content is 0.4%. Compared with rubber, the added components are mostly harmless compounds, and the structure of latex rubber is simple, so latex rubber band is relatively environmentally friendly and better, but its raw material cost is higher, the price is higher.

3. Silicone rubber band material belongs to synthetic silicone rubber. It mainly becomes methyl, methyl vinyl and has strong stability and non-conflict. It does not react with other substances. It can guarantee certain softness, toughness and resilience in different environments, and its performance remains unchanged. It can play a very good role in silicone rubber band. Safety, stability and aging in use!

At present, rubber bands have different choices in different industries. They can be divided into two types: common practical type and safe and environmental protection type. Silicone rubber bands belong to safe and environmental protection type, while rubber is cheap, and the price is calculated in kilograms on the market. Therefore, this kind of bands can be selected for its low requirements. 

colorful Rubber-bands

Standard Band Quality Grades

Standard Band Quality Grades Our Standard Rubber Band Products of (7/4” to 17” Flat Length) fall into 1 of 4 main categories:Premium Grade, mid-Range Grade (Postal/Latex Free Products)

and economy Grade.

Specialized Use Bands (Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber)As a general rule, the quality of a rubber band is linked directly to its rubber percentage content. The higher its rubber percentage, the higher its quality. Rubber bands are generally manufactured with rubber content percentage between 50% to 90% rubber content. Bands with a lower percentage of rubber content are cheaper to make and therefore, sell for a lower cost per pound.Lower content bands are generally not the best value. This is because materials added to dilute rubber content are usually low value silicone or paraffin fillers. These type rubber bands are cheaper to make and sell at lower cost. Also, lower content rubber bands do not stretch as far and have a shorter shelf life.Generallythe rubber content percentage in our rubber bands is as follows:

Premium Grade – 80-90% rubber content

Standard/Postal Grade – 65-75% rubber content

Economy Grade – 55-60% rubber content

durable band ball

Select the Right Rubber Bands

people will be confused about the Premium one or the Standard one. They don’t know how to select. In fact, money is the key. You can choose the suitable one.

The general life of rubber bands depends on the situation. Talc powder can prevent them from aging. If rubber bands do not need to be put there, they are usually useless or melted for half a year. So most of it has to do with temperature. The more professional way is to preserve at low temperature, sprinkle talc powder on a large number of rubber to prevent adhesion. 

1. Silicone rubber band should be good for aging resistance. Rubber is the main material of rubber band. It is an organic substance. Whether natural rubber or rubber rubber, it is a polymer. Its molecule is composed of many identical and simple structural units which are repeatedly linked by covalent bonds. 

2. The molecular chains of rubber are very long and spiral-shaped. When stretched by external force, these spiral-shaped molecules will stretch straight. When the external force is withdrawn, because of the influence of internal force, they will return to spiral-shaped, so that rubber shows strong elasticity. 3. According to the material of rubber band, price, function and use will be different.



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