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Handcraft Party for Kids- A Fun and Creative Idea

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Children’s birthday party is a very important moment for both parents and children. However, with different party themes every year, are you feeling exhausted about a new theme? Don’t worry , here is a new and creative party idea for you- handcraft party. Meanwhile, I recommend your eco-friendly glue from Good Thinking, which is more safe for your kids. 

There is no doubt that children love to create things with their own hands. From painting to role-playing, they enjoy every toy even it is made of paper. Now let’s learn some methods of making handcrafts for children. Read with your kids together!

Paper Mask

paper mask

Materials you need: color cardboard, scissors, reading glasses or sunglasses(from your dad or your grandparents), colored pencils, a small stick or straw, feathers, cartoon stickers, liquid glue, etc. 

First, choose a color of cardboard for your mask. Then use the sunglasses or reading glasses to draw the position of the eyes with a pencil on the back of your cardboard. 

Second, draw the outline and the shape of your mask with colored pencils. 

Third, cut off your mask and cut the part of your eyes so that you can see clearly. Turn it over. 

Fourth, color your mask with your colored pencil. Decorate it with some stickers and feathers. 

At last, fix the stick or straw with a liquid glue on the left or right side of y our mask. Wait until the glue is totally dry and the stick is totally fixed. Your mask is now finished. Try it on! 

Paper Christmas Tree

handcraft Christmas tree

Materials you need: recycled cardboard box, scissors, colored pen, glue stick, other decorations you want to put on your tree (colored paper scraps, glitter, ribbon, etc.)

Apart from recycling large cardboard box, you can also use a cereal box or any other sturdy material you have. You will be cutting 2 trees out of this cardboard, each roughly the size of a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. If your kids are too young for scissors, you may want to cut the tree out for them, then invite them to come help decorate the tree. You can draw your own tree template or just go download a printable Christmas tree template.

First, trace 2 trees onto your cardboard. 

Second, on one tree, draw a line from the center mark up to the top. On the other tree, draw a line from the center mark down to the bottom. This is because we need a different slit cut so they can nest together. 

Third, cut along the lines then slide the tree cards together. If your cardboard is thick, make sure to cut your mid-line slit a little wider so that they can slide together easier when you assemble it later. 

Fourth, gather some decorating materials. You’ll have two tree cutouts that each need decorations on both sides. Depending on how many kids you’ve got, they can each have their own tree cutout, or they can take turns decorating their own side. Use liquid glue or glue stick to stick some paper scraps or glitters on your tree. 

handcraft Christmas tree

At last, When kids see the two pieces snap into place and stand on its own, that was magic! Some kids may want to give it a star topper with some ribbon! 

Now, have your learned these two methods in crafts-making? Try it out with your kids next time you want to set a party. Remember to choose safe natural glue on You can also invite friends of your kids and teach them to do it together. I’m sure they will have a lot of fun by doing it on their own!



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