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How Pencil is Made

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I believe that the first pen used by many people after going to school is a pencil. Do you remember the first time you took a pen when you went to school? I still remember that after writing a lot of words in a eco wooden mechanical pencil, there would have been a lot of pencil shavings on my hands. Although we have used eco wooden pen to write, pencils are indispensable in our lives. They are a very common tool. Artists, students, writers and designers rely on wooden pencils to do their work. Different lead grades, smooth graphite cores and erasability are just some of the reasons why people return to eco small wood pencils again and again. In addition, who can resist the smell of freshly sharpened wood? As we explore the world of eco wood pencils  and everything they offer to discerning artists or writers.

eco wood pencil

History of pencil development

The invention of the pencil made of wood was purely accidental. In 1564, a British shepherd discovered graphite ore and used it to mark the sheep. The sharp-eyed businessman saw the market, cut the graphite into strips and sold them on the market. This is the most primitive pencil. In 1761, the German chemist Fabe first made the first batch of the original "pencil", the hardness is suitable, not easy to break. In 1812, the Americans created a wooden strip that fits the pencil lead and glued the pencil lead together to make the first generation of pencils.

The first mass-produced real wood pencils were natural and unpainted to showcase high quality wooden casings. However, by the 1890s, many pencil manufacturers began to draw pencils and print them with brands. As technology advances and environmental awareness increases, pencil manufacturers begin to develop and produce eco wooden mechanical pencils.

Selection of commonly used raw materials

The main raw materials for wooden pencils are cork and cedar, so you can smell the faint scent of trees on wooden pencils. For making wooden pencils, the most important thing is to choose wood. High-quality wood is the key to making eco best wooden pencils for writing.

eco wood pencil

Production process

1. The first step is to put the selected wood in the machine and cut it into boards of the same specification.

2. The second step is to place the board in the machine. Then, a groove is formed on the wooden board by the rotating gear, and these grooves are used for the lead core.

3. The third step is to make a branded wooden pencil lead with a machine.

4. The fourth step is to place the formed pencil lead on the roller. Through the rotation of the machine, the refill automatically enters the groove of the wooden board.

5. The final step is to use the machine to separate the eco wood pencils, and then the surface is colored.


Now mechanized production can make eco wood pencils more convenient and save a lot of labor, but some programs need to be done manually, especially those softer colored leads need to manually put refills on the board, do you think this What kind of operation is amazing?



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