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How To Build An Environmental Protection Office

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The environmental protection of the office can follow the "5R principle" of the international green lifestyle.

(1) "Reduce", to save resources and reduce pollution

(2) "Reevaluate", to green life and purchase environmental protection

(3) "Reuse", to use repeatedly

(4) "Recycle", to classified recycle

(5) "Rescue", to protect nature and coexist all things

How can we build a green office? Let's take a closer look below.


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I. Use of Paper

1. Employees use their own water cups and disposable paper cups are only prepared for visitors. During the meeting, always bring one’s own water glass.


2. Use e-mail instead of paper documents.


3. The briefcase can be reused for many times. Each department shall recycle the reusable briefcase.


4. Double sides are for copying and printing. The copy paper used on one side can be photocopied on the blank side or cut into note paper or draft paper. 


5. Set up a paper recycling box. Place the reusable paper according to different sizes, with the usable side facing the same direction, so as to be convenient for others to use.


6. Use more recycled paper, official document paper, business card and printed matter. Try the best to use recycled paper to reduce environmental pollution.


7. Wipe sweat and hands with handkerchief to reduce waste of toilet paper and facial paper, and use rag as much as possible.


8. Try to use small font for all documents. Select eco friendly file folders



II. Use of Other Articles

1. Use more paper clips, staples, and natural glue sticks, and less solvent products containing benzene, such as glue and correction solution.


2. Use a pen or pen with replaceable refill.


3. Set recycling boxes for waste containers such as iron aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastics, etc. Before recycling, clean as much as possible to avoid bacteria and peculiar smell. Compress as much as possible. Keep the recycle bin and its surroundings clean.


4. The battery shall be recycled, and extrusion damage shall be avoided during recycling.


5. The damaged equipment can be maintained and reused, reducing resource waste and saving funds.



III. Choose Eco Friendly office supplies

choose products with environmental protection signs and refuse to use products that do not conform to the environmental protection concept of the office.



IV. Water Conservation

1. In case of water leakage in faucet, water pipe and toilet, any employee shall inform the competent department in time.


2. Water conservation and recycling



V. Saving Power Resources

1. The light source and air conditioning not used in the conference room should be turned off in time.


2. High power consumption appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, copiers, etc. should avoid using one socket at the same time.


3. Try to take more stairs and less elevators.


4. The lamps and lanterns shall be cleaned every half a year, and the pipelines shall be maintained regularly.


5. The air conditioning temperature shall be kept above 26 ℃. When the weather is not hot, windows shall be opened as far as possible for ventilation, and air conditioning shall not be used.


6. Turn off the air conditioner 20 minutes before ending work.


7. Don't forget to turn off the power after work.


8. Promote the application of energy-saving lamps and replace incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps, which can save up to 70% to 80% of electric energy.


9. The computer screen saver shall be simple, and the display shall be turned off in time (The simpler the screen saver, the better it is. It's best not to set up a screen saver). Running large and complex screen savers can consume more power than usual.


10. Turn off the computer and unplug it.


11. Printer sharing means more energy-saving (sharing a printer in the office can reduce idle equipment, improve efficiency, and save energy).


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Vi. Greening Office

In the office, proper planting can improve air quality and comfort level.

Ⅶ. Smoking Should be Prohibited in the Office


VIII. Improve Environmental Health

1. Control of vector pests.


2. Clean the water containers (vases, water tanks, etc.) frequently.


3. Wash the toilet regularly.


4. Put some activated carbon in the room to avoid air pollution.

5. Regularly disinfect the office environment, warehouse and storage room.

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