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How To Live A Low-carbon Life

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With the development of the industry and technology, Large emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, contribute to global warming and climate change. For protect our earth, we should to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases. low-carbon should become one of ourlife styles. Here is some advice help us to live a low-carbon life.


Driving less. When the destination is far away, take public transport instead of driving. When the destination is close, try to walk or ride bike there. the emissions of the vehicle is one of the major source o the car dioxide. 


Reduce the use of plastic bag. In the absence of light, it takes 200 years for plastic bags to completely degrade. Even Under the action of sunlight or ultraviolet light, it takes 1 year. We can take our own bags with us. such as non-woven bag or canvas bag. 


Save water,save electricity. Water for washing vegetables can wash the toilet and water the flowers, Regular cleaning of air conditioning, not only for health, but also can save a lot of electricity, turn off the tap, light in time. print on both sides, write on both sides.


Use the green office products. such as PP office file folder, natural glue, natural rubber band. green office products are made from recycled material, biodegradable material, or sustainable resources. It’s both benefit for our health and environment.


 All in all, there are many other things we can do to live in the low-carbon life. It needs us to do something practically. If everyone can keep this lifestyle from now on, it will greatly change the situation and our earth would be more beautiful.







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