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How to recycle office supplies?

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Office supplies are one of our indispensable partners in the office. It brings great efficiency and convenience to our office environment. However, office workers generally believe that office supplies are low-value consumables and often consume excessive office supplies. In order to make reasonable and effective use of office supplies, we share several effective and environmentally friendly office supplies management methods for you.



1.Office stationery purchase can be carried out in large quantities

Large quantities of stationery purchases help save costs, avoid multiple purchases, and reduce waste of manpower and time. If you choose the stationery website online and reach a certain number, the website provides free delivery services while enjoying lower preferential prices.

 office supplies recycling


2.The management of office supplies should be scientific and effective

The type and quantity of office supplies should be scientifically formulated, and unnecessary storage or backlog of supplies should be avoided. Management staff must ensure good supply, fast turnover, low consumption and low cost. At the same time, strengthen the management of office waste. Items that are used periodically and temporarily idle should be properly kept and ready for use.



3.Proper use of office supplies

In daily work, we advocate saving every paper, every staples, every drop of ink, every penny, and strive to reduce office costs. Pay attention to keep the office equipment in use, turn off the power in time, and perform regular maintenance to maximize the life of the office equipment.



4. Environmentally friendly use of office supplies

40% of city solid waste comes from modern office buildings. Therefore, formulating a recycling plan for office supplies and sorting garbage can effectively eliminate waste. In general, the average amount of waste paper per person in an modern office per day is about 0.7 kg. The use of both the front and back of copy paper can save a lot of paper consumption; waste paper and scrap metal are recyclable materials that can be effectively collected; environmentally-friendly use from each item.

When the ink jet cartridge runs out, it is better to refill the ink rather than buying a new one. In general, an ink jet cartridge can be filled 10 times in a row, which can save 75% of the cost than buying a new ink jet cartridge.


office supplies recycling


5. Secondary use of office supplies

No matter how much office supplies are ordered, more or less, there will be some unnecessary stationery packaging materials. Before you hand over these materials to a specialized agency for reprocessing, you can consider how you will reprocess them. For example, cardboard boxes can be used to ship things, plastic bags, plastic foam, etc. can be used to store and protect valuables. We can also buy environmentally friendly office supplies to contribute to the environment.



Only by gradually improving the management of our daily office supplies can we avoid unnecessary extravagance and waste, and realize environmentally-friendly office and modern office, which are the guidelines for every office environment. Welcome to  GOOD THING to give you the best and most environmentally friendly stationery experience.

office supplies recycling

For SGOP, Our Goal is to offer our customers green office products at affordable price but great value. We keep investing on new ideas and innovation on products development. Some of our products are patent protected which will bring you unique products based on exclusive contract. All of our experienced and enthusiastic sales team are willing to offer our great 7/24 service. 

The company's main products include:

oxo-biodegradable PP folder

* FSC certified Paper folder.

* Colabag: Recycled PET  (RPET) bottle fabric office bags.

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Natural Wood Pencil without any lacquer. 

* MC Paper: Recycled Paper notebook from milk cartons. 

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