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Interesting Facts About Pencils And Pens

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Are you more used to using a wooden pencil or a pen? Pencils are used more for drawing or drafting, and pens are used more in letters and document writing. Whether it's a pen or a pencil, they play a huge role as a writing instrument. Do you know the connection between them? Let's walk into the interesting world of pens and pencils.

Is the core of the pencil made of lead?

Eco wooden pencils are often thought to be made of lead in China. In fact, the main material of the eco wooden pencils for writing lead is graphite. Although the biting pencil has lead intake, its source is not the pencil lead.

eco wood pencil

Is the pencil lead toxic?

In fact, the eco small wooden pencil lead is not poisonous. Lead is toxic, but the main raw material for making pencil lead is graphite and clay. That’s why the pencil lead is non-toxic.The main components of the pencil refill are graphite and clay. Graphite is a scaly solid with a metallic luster. Among them, there is a carbon-carbon chemical bond. The layer is a van der Waals force. The carbon-carbon chemical bond is very stable.  That's why  both diamond and graphite are composed of carbon, the physical properties and price are very different. There is nothing in the human body that can destroy the carbon-carbon chemical bond, so it means that the eco wooden pencil lead is safe,unless It is the clay added inside which is harmful to human health.

eco wood pencil

The pen is also a weapon?

The pen pistol is an ordinary pen, pen cap, pen holder, etc. from the outside. Different from the general pen, there is a pressing device like a ballpoint pen in the middle of the pen body, which is connected with the hook of the pen. This is a concealed trigger, usually with 1 or 2 bullets, which is in a state of being at any time. Due to the convenience of carrying, when carrying out a task, it usually carries about 30 rounds of bullets, which is convenient for replenishment at any time. The pen tip of a regular pen is sharper, and improper use can also be a weapon to injure people.

Has the pencil been developed for half a century?

In 1662, Nuremberg, Germany became the birthplace of the first mass production pencils. Driven by Faber-Castell, Lyra, Steadtler and other companies, an active pencil industry was developed throughout the industrial revolution of the 19th century.Early settlers relied on overseas pencils Until the war with the British cut off imports. William Monroe, the cabinet manufacturer in Concord, Mass., made the first bare wood pencils in the United States in 1812. Another well-known Concord writer, Henry David Thoreau is also known for his Pencil-making skills.

eco wood pencil

Are you surprised by the interesting facts of pencils and pens? Follow us to learn more about stationery that you don't know.



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