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Is "Earth Hour" Really Useful For Protect The Environment

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On the "Earth Hour", many people use candles instead of electric light. Lighting candles will certainly not be good for the environment. There is no essential difference between burning candles and burning coal to generate electricity. The main raw material of candles is paraffin, which produces a large amount of carbon dioxide during combustion. Making greenhouse gases to call for climate change and lighting candles to symbolize "Earth hour" is a mockery of activity and environmental protection. "Earth hour" will not advocate lighting candles, but without electric lights people can only light candles, especially the broad masses of people have a tradition of praying for candles, especially like the "romantic atmosphere", "petty sentiment." Hour

As for the publicity effect, environmental protection is science, not behavior art. What environmental protection needs is science and reason. It is impossible to achieve it by simple and rude means. If we really want to promote the awareness of environmental protection, should we not first publicize "what is environmental protection" and "what should be done to really protect the environment"? 


"Earth hour" is actually a "green show", "show" must be "excessive", "excessive" will inevitably deviate from the original situation, as many people have seen the Olympic results most impressed is the opening ceremony. The purpose of the campaign was to attract more people's attention and let them know that they would save energy and reduce emissions, not just to turn off a few lights to save electricity. Not to mention that people have a chance to get cheap moral pleasure by taking part in this grand show. But without good publicity to the public about environmental protection and emissions reduction, the public understood the annual "show" as "turning off the lights" for energy conservation and emission reduction. The activity day will not be environmentally friendly, and may even be less environmentally friendly, environmental protection depends on normal times. On the official website of Earth hour, there is also an event called "in addition to turning off lights this year, please promise a change in environmental protection." But far less than famous landmarks around the world, one by one, the spectacle of extinguished lights attracts media cameras and people's eyeballs. When the form is far greater than the content, the form becomes the content, the original content becomes the form, the environmental protection finally becomes the "show" coat. 

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When it comes to the opening ceremony, I prefer the World Cup because its opening ceremony is almost non-existent, just like a hot spot performance, and the main character's position is also the football match itself. Environmental protection does not require "excessive" show ", nor does it need to abandon modern civilization and return to primitive society, as depicted by" environmental extremism ". For ordinary people, environmental protection is actually "don't do evil"-that is, "don't waste"-reduce unnecessary waste of energy and resources and lead a more efficient life.

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