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Kids Crafts for Mother’s Day

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Kids Crafts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most suitable holidays to make handcrafts. There are some guiding methods for crafts making. You can learn and do it with your kids. All you need are some colorful paper, liquid glue or double-sided tape and scissors, etc. Teachers can make these fancy crafts with your students together before Mother’s day. It will definitely be a surprise for their mother, as well as a happy and creative activity for children. 

1.Butterfly Handprint Card

butterfly handprint card, mother's day gift

Handprint cards are always a perfect choice for Mother’s day gifts. These handprint in the shape of butterfly is a new and creative idea. Parents can also add their big handprint behind their kids’ handprint. It is easy and simple to make. All you need is some color paper, pencils, a pair of scissors and the most important - your hand. Draw the wings of your butterfly by tracing the shape of your hand onto the paper. Next, You can stack two sheets of paper together and cut them along the drawn lines, so that you can get two hand-shaped pieces of paper at a time. 

After the wings are done, add any decorations such as some paper scraps or glitters on them to make your butterfly more colorful. Then we need to make a body and a head for it. After that, cut out a properly sized round and a spindle-shaped piece of paper, stick it in the middle to connect the two wings. Draw some eyes and mouth on its to make it more vivid. Write what you want to say to your mom on the back. Or you can stick it onto another card. Your butterfly handprint card is done! Isn’t that simple? 

2.Tulip Card

Flower cards are always the most popular choice for Mother's Day. Now let's learn how to make a special tulip card.

Pick a square of colored paper, fold it into a triangle, and fold the corners on the sides. Then turn it over and fold three sharp corners inward. If you feel confused, follow the steps of the following picture. Thus, you have finished a bud of tulip. 

paper tulip, mother's day gift

Next, take another piece of paper to make a background of your card. You can draw the stems and leaves using your color pencils. Meanwhile write something you want to say to your mom. Remember to leave some room for you flower bud. At last, use a glue stick to stick your flowers on. You can make several kinds of flowers vary from sizes and colors. Buy eco-friendly glue for your kids on 

tulip cards gift

3.Wool Heart-shaped Card 

Just prepare a cardboard, a little wool and a pin or toothpick. It is a good idea to give it to Mother's Day.

First draw a heart shape on the cardboard, then use a pin to poke a similarly spaced hole along the heart shape. Finally use the wool to randomly wear between the holes. This can be the cover of your card or become a part of the decoration of your card. You can use one single color or combine two or three color regularly to make a gradient color heart. Be really careful with pins. 

Heart-shaped Card, mother's day gift

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