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New Ways For File Management

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Organizing complex and various kinds of office files can be a annoying problem for many office workders. Why you always cannot find the files we exactly want? Maybe because you have not started to apply these ways to manage files online and offline.

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Online Files

Organize by Category: One way to organize your folders and files is by category. For example, if you have documents for school, work, personal and professional (separate from work), as well as e-books, music and movies. Obviously music, photos, videos should all be filed together as a folder and name it, such as entertainment. This category can be filed with work, school or other categories according to your preference.

Organize by Date: Organizing by date is also helpful, but shouldn’t be used solely by itself. The reason being, if you ever perform a search for a file, you might find it in a folder labeled “04-11-2006”. If that’s all you have to go by, you will likely have to open the folder to look at its contents to see what is in it. It can get worse if you file all files this way and have all kinds of types intermingled with each other. Again, this isn’t very organized and perhaps worse than nothing at all. If you feel adding a date is necessary (which I’ll often do for time sensitive files or files which are updated often, such as a resume), add a description with the date at the end or beginning, depending on your preference.

Notice: One thing you cannot neglect when organizing your files is to set the names of files as brief as possible, but also as detailed as possible. For many cases, you might be the only one using the folders or files, but if you do decide to share something with someone, either on a personal or professional basis, you want it to be clear to them, as well as to you. You don’t want to have to think about what you are trying to describe in a folder title. Don’t name a folder “school stuff” name it “School” — notice the emphasis on capitalizing things, which also makes things look nicer and clearer.

Offline Files

When it refers to manage office paper files, bio-poly filing boxes are an irreplaceable choice. Buy ducument bags with different colors to represent relevant categories and put same type in one folder.

Notice: When organizing some important and frequently-used files, we have to choose high quality file folders, as these files may need to be kept for many years. If we pick poor ones, the files are probably damaged.

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