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Plastic Pen Pollution: Find Out the Right Way to Write

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Eight billion people said that this is just a plastic pen. But everyone has a pen, and there is more than one, there are plastic pens everywhere. They are at work, at school and at home, but they are as polluted as plastic straws and bags.

Pens are also presented in promotional bags, conferences, trade shows, training days, social events, political parties, lectures, marathons, music festivals and other endless commercial marketing opportunities.

It has been more than 50 years since we has been useing disposable plastic pen. It is estimated that 1.6 billion pens are thrown away in the United States every year. If we imagine the number of pens thrown away every year by people all over the world, it's incredible.

But little is known about the pollution caused by these small disposable items, which everyone seems to collect, whether it's in your desk, schoolbag, car or other places around you. The school unconsciously indoctrinate children in a consumerist way and abandoned the attitude of pollution.Children are encouraged to have more plastic pens, what kind of future trends will be formed, and plastic pollution will become more and more serious. Disposable plastic pen will become the ultimate spokesman for throwing away society. We always only use the ink inside the pen and discard it. 

Green pencil

Plastic Pen Alternatives: Pencils

First of all, do you even need to use a pen? In most cases, you may not need to use a pen. Of course, you can do a lot of notes on your smartphone, but that's not always possible. Sometimes you need a wooden colour pencil.

The pencil is made of wood and is therefore environmentally friendly. The lead of the gray lead pencil does not actually contain any lead, it is graphite and can be safely composted. Natural wood pencils shavings can also be composted which are all organic.

Green pencils are much cheaper than plastic pens. In addition, branded wooden pencils are more artistic because you can control the shadow and width of the lines.

Don't worry if the pencil is folded in half. You now have two pencils available. Try to do it with a pen!

eco pencil

What Can You Do

Consider using a gray pencil instead of a disposable plastic pen to meet your daily writing needs to reduce your environmental footprint.

Use a fillable pen in special cases, or when you need handwriting ink in important documents.

Refuse all disposable plastic pens used by companies for marketing purposes. If we stop using these cheap plastic tokens, companies will stop ordering them to be issued.

Do request of your workplace and child's school not to use disposable plastic pens and choose eco-friendly alternatives.

If you are involved in marketing, please eliminate the promotional disposable plastic pen. Make yourself not only a part of environmental protection, but also a leader of environmental protection



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