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Plastic pollution: can it really be cleaned up?

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In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution has received more and more attention. Among them, one of the increasingly serious problems is the white plastic pollution, which is very difficult to be solved. With the development of science and technology, many convenient products come into our quickening pace life, such as batteries, plastic bags, disposable meal boxes and so on. As a result of random littering, plastic products, which cannot be degraded easily, causes serious pollution to the urban environment. White pollution is a kind of environmental pollution in cities all over the world. A large number of discarded plastic products can be seen everywhere in various public places. They come from the nature and are made by human beings.

The targeted solutions

Facing the increasingly serious problems of white pollution, people hope to find a way to alternate plastic, which do not cause white pollution and can be biodegradable resolved. Our scientists found some eco-friendly plastics, which is characterized by the ability to decompose its own chemical structure through the change of certain environmental conditions, so as to enable the natural ability to effectively degrade and reduce the harmlessness or pollution to the natural environment. 

However, in our daily life, common person often can not reach the high-tech degradation conditions. So after a long period of practice, people decided to adopt a comprehensive remediation method :

Strengthen management-- prohibit the use of disposable plastic packaging materials that are difficult to be degraded. The harm of "white pollution" can be alleviated to a certain extent.

Mandatory recycling-- the waste and used plastic packaging materials can be reused or reused for granulation, such as oil refining, painting, building materials, etc.

Replace plastic with paper -- the composition of paper is easily decomposed by microorganisms in the soil after waste, and is much less harmful than plastic bags.

The use of biodegradable plastic -- in the production process of plastic packaging products to add a certain amount of additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizer, biodegradable agent, etc.), so that the stability of plastic packaging material decreased, easier to be degraded in the natural environment.

Formulation of legal standards -- the rational development and utilization of plastic products should be based on the long-term perspective and comprehensive factors to formulate the actual application standards of plastic products.

Our products

Since our formation, we keep investing on new ideas and innovation on products development. In order to respond to the call of environmental protection, our company has adopted new technology, developed a new set of functions, which can even bring environmental benefits. We called that eco-friendly laptop bag. Our products are made from either recycled material, biodegradable material, or sustainable resources. Overall, the materials of eco-friendly laptop bag are entirely from recycled waste PET plastic bottles. The soft plastic bottles are broken down into tiny particles by crushing technology. After this step, workers need to pass the granular raw materials through the blending processing technology, so that they are glued together to form a new basic material -- cola yarn. Finally, by putting the yarn fabric into a plastic machine, they can be made into a lightweight and practical laptop bag. 

recycled business bag

The appearance of our computer bag is small and beautiful, using green and gray as the main tone, emphasizing the environmental protection and lightness of the company's products. The computer bag is composed of a main bag and several small bags, which can more adapt to the students and workers’ needs. The design is scientificly proper and the prices are reasonable.

We believe that we will be able to make a difference on environment protection by introducing our Eco-Friendly office and stationery items to customers and end-users and help to minimize the carbon footprint.

For SGOP, Our Goal is to offer our customers green office products at affordable price but great value. We keep investing on new ideas and innovation on products development. Some of our products are patent protected which will bring you unique products based on exclusive contract. All of our experienced and enthusiastic sales team are willing to offer our great 7/24 service. 

The company's main products include:

* oxo-biodegradable PP folder

* FSC certified Paper folder.

* Colabag: Recycled PET  (RPET) bottle fabric office bags.

Naturual Ingredients Glue Stick and liquid Glue.

Latex Free Natural Rubber band

Natural Wood Pencil without any lacquer. 

* MC Paper: Recycled Paper notebook from milk cartons. 

PVC Free Ring binders and file folder. 



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