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Rubber Band Uses

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We make sure that all of you have one or only two uses for these cheap but so convenient rubber bands. They are also known by the names of lackey belts, elastic bands, lackey band, laggy band and other names we may have never heard of.

The rubber band is a small piece of rubber and latex that is inherently elastic and formed a circle that is often used to hold several objects together. The rubber band was patented by Stephen Perry in the UK on March 17, 1845.

However, the Central American people have produced vulcanized rubber products that also including rubber bands, in 1600 BC. Rubber bands are almost made of natural rubber, and there are many sizes of rubber bands.

natural rubber band ball

Although some rubber products may use synthetic rubber, most rubber bands are mainly made of natural rubber due to its excellent elasticity.

Natural rubber originates from the latex of rubber trees, which is obtained by tapping into the bark of a rubber tree. The rubber tree lives in a warm tropical region and belongs to the Euphorbiaceae. Once the latex is "tapped" and exposed to the air, it begins to become elastic and harden or "rubbery." Rubber trees can only survive near the equator where in humid and hot climates, so most latex is produced in the southeast. Asian countries in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The Several Uses Of Rubber Band(s):

Let toys and other objects fly into the air. No electricity is needed by this way!

Keep the edges of the paint cans clean. Slide a rubber band over the open can and gently wipe the bottom of the brush onto the band as needed. Since the rim is very clean, the rim should be easier to continue working!

A lid gripper. You don't have to spend a penny on the expensive lid grips you see on late-night TV advertisement. Instead, make a thick rubber band wrapped around the edge of the can lid and then twisted.

Prevent the bottom of the honey jar from sticking. No matter how many times cleaning honey pots/pots you try, it always ends up sticking to the bottom and the shelf in some way. To stop this operation once and for all, wrap a few rubber bands around the pot to capture all the dripping!

natural rubber band

A bed slat protector. If there are some loose slats with your bed? Simply wrap some rubber bands loop the ends to make slats stronger.

Flower arranger. To simplify the arrangement of the flowers, use rubber bands to hold the heads together. Cut the stems slightly above the height of the vase for best results.

The shirt loosener.If you feel that your top button of your shirt is a bit tight, Do not pay for expensive adjustments. Place a small rubber band on the buttonhole and loop the end of the button.

A caster tensioner. As we all know, furniture casters will be punished and loosened over time. For tighten them, make the rubber band wrap around the stem and reinsert it. 



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