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Rubber—Extraordinary Ordinary Things

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Rubber is one of the most common substances in the modern world and also one of the most underestimated. If you ask someone to name a rubber product quickly, you may get a response, such as a rubber band ("elastic band" in the UK), rubber bath mat, pencil eraser, rubber stamp, rubber balloon, rubber toy, etc. 

These things do not fundamentally change our social environment and the way we live. However, lose any of them, we are probably to feel a big difference. That's why I think rubber should take its place in the list of "extraordinary ordinary things" that I like.

Although rubber has been at least 3,000 years old, especially known to the Americans indigenous peoples, until recently, rubber has became an extraordinary ordinary thing. why? Due to the rubber used before is not like the rubber we use today. In ancient times, rubber was affected by weather conditions. If the weather is sticky and hot, the rubber was in the same situation; if the weather is cold and dry, the rubber became brittle and hard.

rubber band

In 1839, a self-taught American chemist Charles Goodyear found a way to eliminate the bad properties of rubber. Since it involved heating the raw rubber, he called it "vulcanization" after the Vulcan. Goodyear's vulcanized rubber is unaffected by the weather and after stretched it will eventually return to its original shape.

Six years later, Stephen Perry of London rubber manufacturing company Messers invented the ubiquitous rubber band(elastic band). Perry and Co. In 1845, Perry patented his stretchable strip, which holds envelopes or paper together, and the use remained the mainstay after more than 160 years.

How Rubber Is Made

Most natural rubbers are made from milky white matter ("latex"), which is exuded from the bark of the Brazilian rubber tree. The amount of latex in dandelion is very small. To tap (harvest) the latex, simply cut a V-shaped incision in the bark of the rubber tree of the Brazilian rubber tree and collect the drops poured into the cup. The latex is then filtered, washed, heated, and reacted with an acid to cause the rubber particles to coagulate. The raw rubber is then pressed into a sheet and then dried to prepare for the next production stage, which can be varied depending on the desired end product.

The beginning of the previous paragraph says that most natural rubber  is made from milky white matter, which is called latex. I specially use the term "natural rubber" because there also have "synthetic rubber" which is a kind of rubber-like compounds. “By definition, synthetic rubber is any artificial elastomer, that is, any rubber-like substance (polymer) composed of long-chain molecules can be stretched. Synthetic rubber is synthesized from petroleum.”

rubber band

In the early 20th century synthetic rubber first appeared. “In 1909, a group of experimenters at Bayer Laboratories in Elberfeld, Germany, successfully polymerized isoprene, which became the first synthetic rubber. In the second year (1910), the first rubber polymer synthesized from butadiene was developed by a team of Russian experimenters.” Other synthetic rubbers include silicone, neoprene, isoprene rubber, etc.

Like many natural resource derivatives in other parts of the world, synthetic rubber product manufacturing in North America and Europe has and continues to have a major impact on the country of origin, not only affecting social structures and economic, but also environmental pollution and degradation.

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