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Glue is one of the most important items in any craftsman’s kit. I will introduce the main types of glue and tell you the best reasons to use each one.

PVA Glue - The most versatile adhesive

It's ideal for most basic crafts, and is safe for children. You can also mix it with water to make a sealer for paper and other crafts, but be careful how you use it as most types of PVA are not waterproof.

Best For: paper, card, fabric, wood, plaster

Glue Stick ( office glue ) - Great for paper craft

A glue stick allows you to apply the glue in thin layers which won't crinkle the paper. Most types are repositionable until dry, which is ideal for scrap booking. Safe, clean and quick adhesive - ideal for children's craft projects!

Best For: Scrap booking; Kids Crafts

Super Glue ( glue liquid )

Instant setting glue for a strong, permanent bond on just about anything. Great for household repairs, especially fixing broken plates! If you use lots of unconventional materials in your crafting, it's good to have a tube of Super Glue for when nothing else will do the trick.

Best For: Model Making; Ceramic Crafts

Glue Dots

These little circles of jelly-like glue are an absolute must for all craftsmen. They're easy to apply and give a super-strong, instant bond. Great for paper and card, they are even strong enough to hold small wooden or plastic shapes. Simple, precise and mess free!

Best For: Scrap booking; Card Making

Double Sided Tape

Sometimes you don't even need glue! Double sided tape is fantastic for card making and children's craft projects, as it gives an instant result and leaves no mess. It sticks to a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, card and foam.

Best For: Card Making; coating in glitter

Mod Podge - A truly great all-rounder

All-in-one sealer, glue and finish that can be used on a variety of surfaces and is quick-drying for a multiple coat build up. Perfect for decoupage and other crafting activities. A truly great all-rounder - whatever you want to make, you can probably use Mod Podge!

Best For: Scraps of paper; Fabric Decorations

Decopatch Glue ( eco-friendly glue )

A specially blended glue and varnish that will get the very best out of your scraps of paper projects. Decopatch glue creates a transparent, shiny, non-sticky and water resistant film when dry. A perfect match for Decopatch papers: it adheres the paper and finishes with a protective varnish coating

Best For: Scraps of paper; Wood Crafts

What causes glue to dry?

It depends on the type of glue! Most glues dry because of exposure to air (which is why glue doesn't stick to the inside of the bottle). However, super glues harden when they come in contact with moisture.

Which craft glues are non-toxic?

Typically Tacky glue, glue sticks, wood glue, and white glue are your best choices for non-toxic adhesives.

Which craft glues are waterproof?

Popular waterproof and water resistant glues include: most two-part epoxies, fabric glues, flass glue, jewelry glue and E600.


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