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Three Methods Of Protecting Environment In The Office

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Paper Reduction

In the office, we must deal with white paper. According to statistics, if you waste less than 1,500 pieces of paper, you can keep a tree, Less waste of one million pieces of paper means saving 680 trees, An office saves 6 tons of paper trash, equivalent to saving 120 trees.When copying and printing, paper is used on both sides as far as possible. When a large number copies are required, please print one or two copies before printing in large quantities to ensure that the copies are clear so as not to print a large amount of paper into waste paper. When printing, first preview the text and adjust the format, trying to compress the content into the minimum number of pages. Company staff should use glasses, magnetic cups, paper cups should be offer to visitors only. Avoid purchasing disposable items as much as possible. use a handkerchief, duster cloth instead of tissue.

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Energy Efficiency

Close the electric light when there are fewer people. Turn off unnecessary lights in common areas during lunch hours and after normal office hours. Reduce the use of high-power incandescent lamps. The conference room can be operated in advance 15 minutes before it is used, and must not be earlier than this time limit. Air-conditioning should be switched off immediately upon leaving the meeting room. Activate the standby or dormant mode of the personal computer. Switch off personal computers after office hours. Turn off the equipments that are not necessary at night on Saturdays and on public holidays. The staff members were encouraged to use the stairs to return to the next two floors of the office instead of using lifts.



Eco-friendly office supply

Purchase the eco-friendly office supply. such as file folder made from biodegradable PP, this kind of material is easy to be decomposed, glue stick made from 90% natural ingredients glue formula, Solvent Free and packaging printed with Soy ink, 40% recycled paper. Natural wood pencil made from natural wood and no lacquer coating. Laptop backpack made from 100% recycled PET fabric. Rubber band made from 100% Natural Rubber, latex free. These eco-friendly supplies are made from recycled material, biodegradable material, or sustainable resources. 





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