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What Are Biodegradable And Non-biodegradable Materials

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In crude terms, anything that has , in part of it’s life cycle, been part of, or come out of a living organism will likely be biodegradable. It will be 'food' for a lower form of life, bacteria, fungi, algae.



Things that are dug out of the ground ( and processed ) are frequently non-biodegradable, at least in something resembling a human lifespan. Metals which are dug out of the ground as ores, chemical combinations, frequently oxides, are processed to yield the pure metal , but will frequently revert if buried in a damp environment.

Some metals are also effectively dug out of the ground in their pure state, although interspersed as threads in mineral. Gold is a clear case in point, & burying it in landfill will never have an effect.


Biodegradable Waste:

Those waste materials that can be broken down to non-poisonous substances in nature in due span of time by the action of micro-organisms like certain bacteria, are called biodegradable waste. A biodegradable waste decomposes naturally and becomes harmless after some time. Cattle dung and compost are common examples of biodegradable waste. Other examples are animal bones, leather, tea leaves, wool, paper and wheat. Most of the industrial wastes are also biodegradable. All of the biodegradable industrial wastes should be treated to ensure they are harmless before dumping them into soil or water.


Non-biodegradable Waste:

The waste materials which can't be broken down into non-poisonous or harmless substances in the wild are known as non-biodegradable waste. Examples are plastics, polythene bags, ball-point pen refills, synthetic fibres, and glass objects, metal articles like aluminium cans, iron nails, silver foil and radioactive wastes.


All of these non-biodegradable wastes cannot be made less poisonous easily and therefore these are typically major pollutants associated with environment. These wastes is not decomposed by micro organisms like bacteria.


The solution, according to economists, activists and many inside the design community, will be obtain smarter about both the design and disposal of materials, and shift responsibility away from local governments and into the hands of manufacturers.

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