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What Are The Most Recyclable Materials

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As the population of the world continues to rise and the need for more products rises with the production of waste, it is imperative to remain environmentally conscious. In order to make the most beneficial impact to the environment, it is important to know exactly which items are meant for garbage or compost.


Recyclable Materials



With an overall recycling rate of 88% in 2012, steel is North America’s most recycled material. More steel is recycled each year than aluminum, paper, glass and plastic combined. Since January 1, 2016, it is estimated that 25,482,452 tons of steel have already been recycled, and this number continues to rise each day5. Obtained mainly from products including cans, cars, appliances and construction materials, scraps of steel can either be re-melted in an electric arc furnace or a basic oxygen furnace for recycling purposes.


The Most Recyclable Materials

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are one of the most recyclable materials, as they are 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed over and over again2. Turning recycled aluminum cans into new cans uses 95% less energy than making new ones. The energy saved by recycling a single aluminum can is equivalent to what is needed to run a television for 3 hours3. In 2015, 54 billion aluminum cans were recycled in the United States, of which the energy saved is equivalent to 15 million barrels of crude oil.



The Most Recyclable Materials

PET Plastic Bottles

Another recyclable material is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles. These bottles include both one- and two-liter clear soda bottles, as well as some bottles containing water, liquor, liquid cleaners, detergents, and antacids6. Approximately 1.5 billion pounds of used PET bottles are recovered for recycling in the United States each year, making PET the most widely recycled plastic in the world. Recycling PET preserves two-thirds of the energy normally required to make new plastic, which successfully lowers greenhouse gas emissions and dramatically reduces solid waste generation.


The Most Recyclable Materials



Newspapers are a very important material to recycle, despite accounting for approximately one-third of the municipal waste stream in the United States alone. Within a landfill, where 80% of discarded paper ends up, the decomposition of paper produces methane, a greenhouse gas that has 21 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide8. Within landfills, the decomposition of paper is the most significant source of methane, causing these materials to perpetuate global climate changes caused by these emissions. Recycling paper reduces the amount that ends up in landfills, decreasing the production of these toxic greenhouse gas emissions.



The Most Recyclable Materials

Further Materials Suitable for Recycling

Other materials that are particularly useful for recycling purposes include corrugated cardboard, steel cans, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles, glass containers, and computers2. With the proper recycling technologies, each of these materials discussed can offer sustainable options for the improvement of the global environment.

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