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What Can be Made from Recycled Plastic?

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The Coca-Cola Company recently announced the “World Without Waste” global sustainable packaging strategy in Atlanta, USA, with the goal of achieving 100% equivalent recycling of all beverage packaging by 2030. 

Specifically, Coca-Cola proposed two main indicators:

First, by 2030, every time the Coca-Cola Company uses a package, it will try to recycle one similar package.

Second, by 2030, Coca-Cola plans to achieve an average of 50% recycled materials in packaging materials, hoping to lead to a new global pioneer for beverage packaging.

In order to achieve this goal, Coca-Cola continues to invest in research and development of innovative packaging and protection of the global environment. While producing better beverage bottles, they cooperate with local communities, industry partners and consumers to solve package disposal and marine waste problem. 

To encourage everyone to recycle the Coke bottles, the Coca-Cola Company launched a promotional campaign called "2nd Life" with the advertising company Ogilvy & Mather. They have created 16 series of bottle cap ideas. As long as they are placed on the Coca-Cola bottle that has already been consumed, they can be used as a water gun, a brush, a spray gun, etc. in an instant, which is very convenient and creative. At present, 40,000 of these sets will be given free of charge in Thailand, Indonesia and other places.

eco-friendly bag

Apart from that, waste plastic bottles not only can be made into new plastic packaging, but also into many other items that are needed in everyday life. For example, the cap can be granulated to other plastic products. Chemical fiber companies recycle plastic bottles and, after multiple processes, turn them into soft but elastic fibers to create powerful traction belts, fillers and so on. The Good Thinking Stationary also transfer recycle plastic bottle into eco-friendly backpacks and laptop bags. Other companies are able to woven carpets from recycled fibers. 

A Japanese inventors invented a new machine that can converts household plastic waste into fuel. With this new machine, various plastic garbage bags can eventually turn waste into treasure. 

The machine first heats the plastic waste and then sends the steam to a system of pipes and water chambers that are cooled and liquefied to reduce to crude oil. Crude oil can act as a fuel for generators and some stoves. After further refining, crude oil can also be converted into gasoline. 

This machine is sold at the Blest Corporation Company, and is very popular with consumers. It converts 1 kg of plastic garbage bags into 1 liter of crude oil and consumes 1 kW. The restorer is currently priced at $10,000. However, the oil produced by the burning of this machine will still emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which has an negative impact on climate change, but they are still a solution to the growing amount of plastic waste. 

eco-friendly bag

What’s more, plastic bottles and sawdust can produce wood-plastic composite materials by going through 4 processes in 30 minutes. This composite material doesn’t contain any formaldehyde. Meanwhile, it is cheap, eco-friendly and 100% re-use. At present, the wood-plastic composite material has been widely used in construction industry, road guardrails, industrial pallets, packaging boxes, agricultural greenhouses and so on. 

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