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What Is The Type Of Pencil?

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There are many types of pencils. The custom wood pencils size is usually expressed by H and B. The "H" is the initial letter of "Hard", which indicates the hardness of the pencil lead. The "B" is the initial letter of "Black", which represents the composition of graphite. The wooden pencil core is soft and the degree of writing is obvious. The following mainly introduces the pencil from the features and uses.

Graphite pencil

eco wood pencil

The wooden lead pencils lead of the pencil is made of graphite and can be used for drawing and general writing. The hardness mark of the graphite lead core generally refers to a hard pencil with "H", a soft pencil with "B", a pencil with moderate hardness for "HB", and a pencil with hardness between HB and H for "F". Graphite pencils are divided into 18 hardness grades such as 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H, 10H, etc. Large, respectively, indicating that the harder or softer. In addition, there are 7B, 8B, and 9B soft pencils to meet the special needs of painting. H is suitable for drawing engineering drawings, and B is suitable for drawing art works.

Color pencil

The lead of the color wooden pencil is colored. The lead core is composed of clay, pigment, talc, adhesive, grease and wax. It is used to mark symbols and draw charts and maps. Color pencils are usually packaged in sets (6, 12, 24, 36, 64 colors). It is popular with children because of its rich colors. Different colors can draw different patterns, and it is more suitable for painting.

Watercolor pen

eco wood pencil

The watercolor pen is water soluble and can be mixed with standard colored pencils to add vibrant colors to sketches and paintings. These pencils are also very suitable for watercolor paintings. The advantages of colored pens are that they are rich in color and bright. The disadvantages are that they are used for a short period of time, the water is not uniform, the transition is unnatural, and the two colors are not harmonious together, so it is generally suitable for drawing children's pictures.

Special pencil

It includes glass pencils, color-changing pencils,eco wood pencil, wooden personalized pencils, charcoal pencils, sun-painted pencils, watercolor pencils, pastel pencils, etc., each of which has its own special purpose. Glass pencils are used by the industrial, pharmaceutical, national defense, surveying and other departments. It is a major role in the writing or marking of glass, metal, enamel, ceramics, leather, plastic, plexiglass, etc.

Color wooden pencils are commonly known as copy pencils. The written handwriting can not be erased with an eraser. It is suitable for writing important documents that have been stored for a long time and recording accounts. The tracing pencil will have a shading effect and will be used to display the image directly after drawing.

eco wood pencil

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, eco wooden mechanical pencil have become mainstream in the market. We can provide a variety of pencils for you to choose. If you have any pencil needs, please freely contact us.



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