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What Kind of Wood is Used for Pencils?

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One of the oldest and most widely used writing utensils, the pencil originated in pre-historic times when chalky rocks and charred sticks were used to draw on surfaces as varied as animal hides and cave walls. The Greeks and Romans used flat pieces of lead to draw faint lines on papyrus, but it was not until the late 1400s that the earliest direct ancestor of today's pencil was developed.Pencils have a long history, and after so many years they have not been eliminated but have grown stronger. 

From wood pencils to today's eco small wooden pencils, pencils have become an indispensable tool in people's daily lives and work. Eco best wooden pencils for writing can be used for both writing and drawing, and they are very layered. They can also be finely manipulated and can be wiped repeatedly. The written things are kept for a long time and the price is low. We think it's important to know where the wood in the eco wood pencil comes from. This article is mainly about the main wood used in wooden pencils.



Main Wood for Making Pencils

The most important ingredient in a pencil is the graphite, which most people continue to call lead. Conté's method of combining graphite with clay is still used, and wax or other chemicals are sometimes added as well. Virtually all graphite used today is a manufactured mixture of natural graphite and chemicals.

Main wood for making pencils

The pencil material requires straight texture, fine and uniform structure, soft or slightly soft, slightly brittle, less resin, low hygroscopicity, small expansion and contraction, and no deformation.The wood used to manufacture pencils must be able to withstand repeated sharpening and cut easily without splintering.

Most eco wooden mechanical pencil are made from cedar (specifically, California cedar).However, there is no doubt that many manufacturers use other wood. It depends on the cost and availability of wood in the eco wooden mechanical pencils making area. Cedar is usually straight and easy to process, making it suitable for pencils. Cedar has a pleasant odor, does not warp or lose its shape, and is readily available. Some pencils have erasers, which are held on with a ferrule, a metal case that is either glued or held on with metal prongs. The erasers themselves consist of pumice and rubber.


The Development Status of Pencil

With the development of the economy, the demand for pencils is growing, and the more developed countries, the greater the amount of pencils per capita ; the average American uses pencils to reach more than 15 years, 9 in Europe, 2 in China, and 1.5 in India. With the increase in pencil sales and the real problems of increasingly scarce raw materials and lack of wood, how to ensure product quality in the absence of resources is a problem in the entire pencil industry.

eco wood pencils

The rigorous form also forces people to explore ways to make eco wood pencils. Some factories have started using artificial wood to make some cheap eco wooden mechanical pencils. Of course, these pencils will be of poor quality and will lack flexibility, but the price will be much cheaper to meet the needs of those who do not have too high a pencil quality.

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