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What is The history of Pencil

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Wooden pencil is a kind of pen used for writing and drawing. It is a commonly used writing instrument. It has a history of more than 400 years. It is divided into three stages of development, which are divided into graphite, wooden pens and hooded pencils. Let's walk into the history of pencils.


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First Stage

The birth of graphite: At this time, the "graphite pencil stick" is still in the original stage of being able to write only;

In 1564, in a place called Barlowdale in England, a black mineral graphite was discovered. Soon, some local shepherds found that they could use graphite to mark the sheep. Inspired by this, people cut the graphite block into small strips for writing and painting. But graphite strips can easily stain your hands and are easily broken. In 1761, the German chemist Faber solved this problem: he first grinds the graphite ore into a powder, rinses it with water to obtain impurities, and obtains pure graphite powder. Then he incorporates sulfur, bismuth, rosin and other substances into the graphite powder. Then the mixture is heated and solidified and pressed into the shape of a pen, which is the earliest prototype of the wooden colour pencil.

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Second Stage

The birth of the wooden pencil holder: After a hundred years of development, the "pencil" at this time entered the initial stage of its own evolution, and the appearance of the custom wood pencil rod became a semi-finished product of "pencil". The user needs to be cut again to use it.


From the perspective of 2017, the "pencil" invented by Comte is actually just a pencil lead. The task of putting the pencil core on the wood "coat" was done in 1812 by a carpenter named William Monroe in the United States. The machine invented by Monroe can cut standardized strips of 5 to 18 cm in length and dug a groove just in the middle of the strip to fit the natural wood pencils lead. Putting the pencil lead into the groove, and then tightening and bonding the two wooden strips, this made the first modern pencil rod. Until 2018, this is still the standard process for making a normal pen.

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Third Stage

The birth of a hooded pencil: With the extensive use of pencils, a series of problems with traditional pencils are also exposed, which brings many troubles to people, such as: unsanitary use, easy to break the pen tip, not easy to carry, etc. The progress of development has brought new challenges, and the emergence of hooded pencils has solved the development bottleneck encountered by the modern wooden pencil industry in product innovation.


Up to now, according to different characteristics and nature, pencils are divided into different types: such as wooden lead pencils, sharp pens, hooded pencils, etc. According to the process, it can be divided into traditional pencils and mechanical pencils, as well as the recent popular environmental pencils. If you have any pencil needs, please freely contact us.

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