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Why Choose ECO Wood Pencils For Childens?

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Embed the aspect of responsibility & sustainability to your children in their early age such that they care for nature and protect the environment. This can be done by ensuring that the product they use is eco-friendly and manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.

Pencils enlighten children’s early learning and creativity skills in schools. Do you know most of the pencils which are being sold in the country today are made using unsustainable wood which is sourced from forests? Study shows that manufacturing of pencils leads to large-scale deforestation impacting fauna and leads to environmental crisis.


It is estimated that the world uses around 15 billion pencils every year; that is a lot of trees cut for making pencils! This number is really frightening and shows an opportunity for parents to teach their kids at an early age to take informed decisions. Choosing eco wood pencils or eco wooden pen can make an immense impact on our environment.



What Can You Do?

Choosing eco wooden mechanical pencils can help your child write without any guilt. The eco-friendly small wooden pencils pop is the recent feeling of school children. These pencils have a good quality wood-based pen holder. There is no pa

int or a layer of varnish on the whole body. The pen body can see beautiful natural wood grain, which is natural, easy to grip and emits natural wood aroma.

eco wood pencils

Why Do You Do?

Why choose eco wooden mechanical pencils because it has the following benefits:

1. Do not use paint and excessive packaging to reduce the harm to the environment.


2. The eco wood pencil is soft and helps the child to grip better.


3. The texture of the plain wooden pencil is clear: the clear texture of the wood can be clearly seen from the appearance of the pen, and the natural pen body has a comfortable hand.


4. Place the graphite at the core to ensure that the leads are not damaged during sharpening.


5. Environmentally friendly wooden mechanical pencils are biodegradable.


6. The eco wood pencil is covered with no paint: the small wood pencil eliminates the use of paint layers to prevent the damage and influence of metal heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic in the paint on children's health.


7. Environmentally friendly wooden pencils are the best choice for children of lower grades.

First of all, because of the curiosity and inattention of young children, fancy pencils can easily distract children and affect their learning. Because the design of the log pencil is simple and simple, it is suitable for students to learn, not distracting, so it is welcomed by parents and teachers.Secondly, the wood pencil pen body has no paint at all, except for the appearance of self-consciousness and environmental protection. For students who do not consciously bite the pencil head, there is more safety protection.

eco wood pencils

This is an opportunity for us to educate children from an early age that they can make a difference. Help them understand that these small changes may have a huge impact on our planet.


With these benefits in mind, we believe that you will make responsible decisions and ensure that your child uses environmentally friendly products. Support the cause of protecting nature. Say yes to eco wood pencils.



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