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Why We Need Green Office?

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1. Definition

In a broad sense, green office includes a wide range of contents, such as the cleaning of office environment, the safety of office products, the health of office workers, the health of employees and so on. However, in a narrow sense, green office refers to the usage of resources saving, reducing the generation and emission of pollutants, and recyclable products in business activities. It is an important part of the national action of energy conservation and emission reduction. It advocates starting from the small things around us, and cherishing per kilowatt hour, every drop of water, every piece of paper, every liter of oil, and every piece of office supplies.


2. Implementation Mode

The purpose of "green office" is to realize the energy conservation and emission reduction of the office. The assessment standard is mainly divided into two aspects, namely, per capita energy consumption and energy consumption standard of unit building . There are two ways of implementation.

Green office


The first way is to realize the "green" of office staff's daily office mode. That is, save water, electricity and other saving behaviors consciously, and achieve zero emission of pollution.


The second is to build a green office to realize building energy conservation and ecological environmental protection from building materials, office design and office procurement.


We should make great efforts to save electricity, reduce oil, gas and water consumption, save energy in new buildings and energy saving procurement.


3. Significance of Implementation

The implementation of "green office" not only saves resources, but also reduces environmental pollution. It has advantages of environmental protection, low cost, and so on.


(1) Reduce Air Pollution

There are more than 300 kinds of pollutants in indoor air, about 60% of human diseases are related to indoor pollution.


(2) Reduce Bacteria and Viruses

According to the detection of a laboratory in the United States, there are 10 million bacteria on the telephone, desktop, water dispenser handle and computer keyboard on average, while the mouse, elevator button, copier start key, fax machine and refrigerator handle are the places where bacteria are concentrated in the office. The bacteria in these places can increase by 19% - 31% in a day with the increasing touch of fingers. Among the office bacteria, parainfluenza virus, Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli are more common. Although they are not fatal, they can cause influenza. Some people with low immunity are easy to be infected.

Green office


(3) Reduce the Prevalence of Office Disease

Because the body of office workers is often in a forward bending state, they are more likely to suffer from low back pain. Statistics show that for normal working people, the number of times of lumbar flexion is as high as 3000-5000 times a day, but the movement of back extension is very few. In the long run, it is easy to cause the stress imbalance of the intervertebral disc and the over stretching of the lumbar posterior ligament, which will cause back pain.


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