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Goodthinking has built an experienced design and development team. With innovative thinking and craftsman's spirit, they take products from the concept all the way through to manufacturing. They also closely follow the new trend to design and develop new hotcake product.
Designer Annemiek From Holand
Annemiek is an excellent designer for us for both graphic and product designs. She studied arts and design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and at the Rietveld Academy for fine arts in Amsterdam.
She has a rich experience in designing consumer goods for highly artistic purposes as well for commercial retailers and brands. She has also a lot of experience in working with local suppliers (far east) and managing the sample production process and working in the foreign countries. Illustrations and graphic artworks are the extra flavour that dutch kimchi can add on top of it to give each newly developed product a distinctive and authentic signature.
Her Specialties: concept and design, product development, graphics and illustrations, art directing and managing creative teams, managing production proces (far east)
She also own a creative studio specialized in home, fashion and lifestyle products.
Designer Michael From Germany
Michael is our designer and consultant for Circular designs based on our company strategy.
With a background in Industrial Design and System Design from the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Michael worked at Neue Formen, Trondesign and as a freelancer on amongst others Industrial Design, System Design, Sustainable Design, Automotive Design and Art Direction.
The start-up was sponsored through “the Business Start-Up Grant Support Program, EXIST” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) as part of the German government’s “Hightech Strategy for Germany”– Concept and Development of product, plenic – circular expo displays”.
He founded Full Circle Design in early 2012. Based in Germany, the corporation consults on Cradle to Cradle projects(C2C) – Product Design and Development, and Circular Product Design.
Designer Alan From US
Alan is our Graphic Designer and Brand consultant. His “The Travel Poster Lighthouse Collection” is very popular in USA. He helped us to developed our Logo Goodthinking. 



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